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Android Multi Tracking

GPSHUB is happy to present a high-quality android tracking app that can be used to find a family member, lost phone, vehicle tracking, finding assets, fleets, or belongings, etc. GPS Tracker for an android can be used with Samsung, Sony, Nokia, and other phone brands.

Using GPSHUB services is just a matter of Installing Tracker app. Once installed App on your devices, please follow our online documentation to configure your devices with GPSHUB servers. This is a one-time activity and after this, you are ready for the go. Your devices will be your virtual tracking device to track and monitor belongings. It will eventually reduce operational cost and uptime with easy switching between devices when device breakups.

Android tracking app can show the exact location of a person or an asset when things are available far from you. It will send you notifications in real-time and ensure the safety of your family members and all other belongings. It ensures personal safety too and a suitable option for fleet management. You can control your company vehicles and know about their speed and location. You can track your workers from your phone.

Our Mobile tracker is designed in the most comfortable way where the use of the app becomes very easy and convenient. Just get a tracking app for Android and make sure that things and people, who belong to you are safe.

The accuracy of our android tracking device can be compared to other GPS devices that are easy to update and switching. It helps to secure almost everything either they are things or people. We make sure that everything that belongs to you is completely safe.

Our Business Plan & Strategy


Being GPS tracking leaders, we are confident enough in transforming your business to a revenue-generating asset and sharing valuable experiences on how to control and monitor assets, heavy machinery, and other belongings using our mobile tracking device.

After years of hard work, big investments and constant implementation of the latest technologies, we offer out of the box possibilities to everyone who needs mobile trackers at pocket-friendly prices.


  • High-quality mobile GPS trackers to track almost anything.

  • Stay in touch with our loved ones and other belongings when it is necessary.

  • Manage your time well to complete everything on time.

  • Hone leadership skills for robust team management.

  • Control expenses without making any compromise on quality.

  • Automate your business and spend more time with family.


Your Success Partner to Deliver Benefits Beyond Expectations
High Availability


Android mobiles are easily available at affordable rates worldwide. Also, it is easy to set up our mobile trackers as compared to other GPS devices.


Easy to Update


It is easy to update android apps when compared to other GPS tracking frameworks. You don’t have to spend much time and effort but you can update the mobile tracker with a single click whenever new updates are available.


Easy to Switch


If one device is not working properly or you want to change your current device, you can quickly switch among devices with the same settings and configuration options. Your uptime is guaranteed with our mobile GPS tracker.


High Accuracy


Android devices can work at high accuracy rates as compared to other industry-leading equipment. It is the reason we have designed mobile trackers that can be used with your android phone and easy to manage as well.

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