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Kids Tracking

Locate your child quickly even in a heavy crowd


You should know always where your child is. Our GPS tracker will help you to track your child anytime, across any distance.

It is a common question for parents, where is my child? In parks, beaches, or any public place, your child can wander out of the view in an instant. But technology provides some peace of mind in the form of a lightweight GPS tracker that can be installed on to your android phone and offers reliable updates from time to time. Child monitoring with GPS can be completed in two ways, either through a GPS device with an active data plan or you can use an active android device. We offer the latter technique that is easy, economical and high in availability. The architecture is simple comparing to complex tracking.

Devices will send signals of the current location of your kid and it is directly updated to the server. Parents have to connect through dashboards where they will get the exact idea of their child’s location seamlessly. Also, tracking accuracy is optimized enough where you will get notifications at specified time intervals as per the conditions, you set on your dashboard.

Let us consider an example, you don’t need an alert or notification when your child reaches or leaves a trusted place with you. After all, you don’t need push notification to tell you that you have picked up or dropped your child when you know it in advance. But you do want a notification when your kid leaves school alone or with someone else. With our GPSHUB tracker, you will be notified when your child enters or leaves the school. Also, you will be notified when he/she takes the school bus and leaves the bus.

With our kids or student tracking device, parents will always be with their children virtually through dashboards. You will gain deeper insights into what is happening to your kids at different intervals of time.

Our Business Plan & Strategy

Being GPS tracking software leaders, we are confident enough in transforming your business to a revenue-generating asset and sharing valuable experiences on how to track kids or their school bus using our affordable GPS tracking devices.

After years of hard work, big investments and constant implementation of the latest technologies, we offer out of the box possibilities to parents at pocket-friendly prices.


  • High-quality GPS trackers to check on kids’ locations regularly.

  • Stay in touch with our team for constant support.

  • Stay in touch with your kids all the time with real-time updates.

  • Manage your day well when your child is secured with GPS.

  • Earn an extra measure of transparency that saves time & money.

  • They can also travel to different places without you, along with GPS.


Your Care Partner to Deliver Benefits Beyond Expectations

Stay engaged with kids remotely

The GPS for children tracking can help parents find their kids immediately in case they wander away and go missing. Or worse, locate a child in the event a child is abducted.

Keep an eye on academics

There is a flexibility of tracking kids while at school, out for home, Excursion, etc. It is not a trend but a vital requirement these days.

Enjoy a more secure transport

Say goodbye to long waits, GPSHUB will send you notifications when your child departed from school and even when he is near boarding points.

Minimize the Child Missing

Being tracked means being monitored, minimize child missing with this simple implementation. You would feel connected with your kid all the time instead of his location.

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