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Vehicle Tracking

Start a profitable GPS Tracking business today with GPSHUB Experts
GPS Tracking device to track, control, and manage your different types of Vehicles

Nowadays, GPS tracking technology is used everywhere either it is personal households or businesses. The GPS tracking market is growing immensely with amazing potential in the future. People around the world are highly concerned about their safety, safety of their loved ones, and their valuables. Also, Companies need GPS trackers to manage their vehicles, trucks, cars, bikes, etc. Schools are using GPS trackers to manage their school buses and kids.

According to the Global Market Insights, the vehicle tracking market is anticipated to exceed $22 billion by 2022. Looking at stats, it is clear that more and more businesses are using GPS tracking devices, and you should also start your GPS tracking business today.


Why people love our GPS software?


  • Our GPS device is easy to use that can be learned by anyone even with little or no technical background.

  • Our GPS software is suitable for all types of industries and it can be used for any type of vehicle tracking including vehicle tracking, school bus tracking, car tracking, bike tracking, truck tracking, etc.

  • Our GPS device has the most powerful admin panel, dashboard, and control panel with ample of features,

  • You can connect the GPS device with a laptop or smartphone as needed. You can also customize the design of software if you require it.

  • Our GPS support team will help you to set up and working with the software. We offer constant support to our customers through different mediums at the request of our users.

Our Business Plan & Strategy

Being GPS tracking leaders, we are confident enough in transforming your business to a revenue-generating asset and sharing valuable experiences on how to start your own profitable GPS tracking business in budget.

After years of hard work, big investments and constant implementation of the latest technologies, we offer out of the box possibilities to business owners at pocket-friendly prices.


  • High-quality GPS trackers to work fewer and earn more.

  • Stay in touch with our team for constant support.

  • Attract, manage, and retain potential customers for longer.

  • Manage your time well to complete everything on time.

  • Hone leadership skills for a robust team management.

  • Control expenses without making any compromise on quality.

  • Automate your business and spend more time with family.

Our GPS Trackers allow the owners to be virtually on the driver seat even if they are on the dashboard. Gain more insights on what being happened with your cars, trucks, or other vehicles that will ultimately help in reducing extra costs almost to nil.


Your Success Partner to Deliver Benefits Beyond Expectations


Save Fuel, Time, Money

Our GPS tracking device will guide you through the route that eventually reduces the operational costs, time, and fuel in a notable manner.

Avoid Vehicle Misuse by Driver

Our vehicle tracking GPS device will help you to keep a check on unintended trips, unauthorized stoppages and distance travelled.

Greater Insights on Traffic

The greatest benefit of our Vehicle tracking device is that you will be informed about heavy traffic in advance and plan your trips accordingly.

Bring more potential clients

With a live-tracking system, you can update your clients on time and in turn brings more potential customers and retain them longer.

Free GPS Trial

When our GPS tracker offers so many benefits for your business. It will be a wise decision for buying it now. So, why to hesitate, just start your free GPS trial today!

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