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Assets / Heavy Machinery Tracking

Assets / Heavy Machinery Tracking

Trusted by leading companies and businesses worldwide, our assets and heavy equipment tracker can be used to provide complete asset visibility and protection against heavy tools or machinery. Our top-rated GPS tracking device can be quickly connected with your assets or heavy machinery in real-time and you can check their usage and improve the preventive maintenance. Automatic alarms are also integrated to enable rapid response to equipment malfunctioning and to protect them from unauthorized use of heavy tools and theft.


Gain more visibility

You can check the location of lost equipment and gain extra peace of mind by knowing where your assets are all the time.


Protect against theft

You can set alarm or configure your devices for unauthorized access or motions. It will give you extra safety against theft or unintended actions.


Real-time Equipment Tracking

An easy to use GPS tracker with complete fleet visibility that dictates you about the real-time position of the equipment or assets at the moment. You can check speed, last location, direction (if moving), set alarms, and check on exit or entry details.


Achieve greater ROI

When you have detailed information about all of your assets, you can prepare a chart on under-utilized or over-utilized assets and manage them accordingly.


Improve preventive maintenance

You can create maintenance logs, plan preventative repairs and reduce equipment downtime. Receive real-time fault code alerts to prevent breakdowns and keep your equipment functioning at peak performance.


Hassile Free Installation

Tracking assets and heavy machinery are turned a breeze. Just attached an android device with the preinstalled app and you are done. It will help you to access expensive machinery or assets anytime anywhere.

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